Currently we are all facing uncertain times and dealing with unprecedented situations. Uniting in times like this is essential and it is so wonderful to see the community pulling together and offering as much support to each other as we can.

Over 1000 individuals locally have signed up to support Southend in this current crisis, this is truly AMAZING. It really highlights what sort of community we are and brings so much positivity to us in these challenging times.

Currently the number of volunteers exceed opportunities which can be disappointing but see it as a positive, everyone is where they need to be and doing their best to support each other. New opportunities are becoming available and volunteers with the correct skills will be utilised to fill these roles. If you are still awaiting an opportunity please consider becoming part of the councils ‘Good Neighbour Scheme’ for more information please contact

Does your organisation need emergency COVID-19 volunteers?

Please get in contact if you require volunteers for new emergency roles – we have a database full of volunteers who are eager to support. Contact: volunteering@sech-uk.

Training Tools

Please watch these online resources shared with us by SAVS to support your Volunteering During the COVID19 Crisis.

Managing Volunteers – Best Practice

Due to COVID-19 pandemic you may find that your organisation has needed to create new volunteering roles to help with the crisis. It is important that you give a clear role description, go through safeguarding policy and support the volunteer in this role.

Before volunteering they must be aware of all Government guidelines as to how to keep themselves and others safe, there are some links below to assist with this.

You should always keep emergency contact details for volunteers and give them a letter to show that they are currently volunteering for your charity.

Being a volunteer is quite a commitment, so please make sure your volunteers know how grateful you are for all their assistance.

Useful Advise and Resources

Advice on preventing, catching or spreading Coronavirus  – See NHS guidelines:

What you should do if they get symptoms? – See NHS guidelines:

Mental Health Support – It is important to look after your mental health in this difficult time, particularly those volunteers who are self-isolating – the GOV has a great guide on this,

Social distancing – Important information regarding social distancing

NCVO Coronavirus page – Variety of useful information